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An add-on for movie lovers using Internet Explorer and Firefox
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Jeaks Movies

Jeaks Movies is an add-on for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. It adds a toolbar to your preferred browser with direct access to some movie-related web pages. It provides a field to do searches using Google or other sites.

If you want to search for information on a certain movie, such as director, actors, music, plot, anything, press on the "Movies Search" button and Jeaks Movies will give you access to the most popular movie sites, like IMDB, Yahoo! Movies, or OVGuide. If you want to search for a given soundtrack, the "Soundtracks Search" button will allow you to visit or ST Lyrics. This tool also gives you access to specialized sites that will offer you information and news about films. You can also visit sites that will let you watch movie trailers, and read critic reviews on any film.

Note that this add-on will not work in Firefox 3.5.5. It works flawlessly in Internet Explorer 8, except for the "Movies Codecs and Players" button that leads you nowhere. In my opinion, this add-on does nothing more than give you access to information produced by others. However, some links may be interesting.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • Some links might be interesting


  • It does not work on Firefox 3.5.5
  • The "Codecs" button does not work
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